Dear San Diego

The world's a strange place. Don't be a stranger. 
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Dear San Diego,

Joe Vs The Volcano.

A forgotten masterpiece.

Ridiculously applicable, the humming of fluorescence, the brain clouds that now become us all.

Putting at sea.

Meg Ryan, both sisters - Flibbertigibbet. The impossibly flatline Robert Stack, the genius of Dan Hedaya, the wonderful briefness of Amanda Plummer's Dagmar.

I know you can get the job, but can you do the job? Luggage being the central preoccupation of your life.

If only for a ten second truth in one-hundred-and-two minutes of running time...

 "Patricia: I love you!"

 "Joe: I love you, too!

 I've never been in love with anybody before, either!

 It's great!

 I'm glad!

 But the timing stinks."