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Bad Guys Win

Stephen Fearing, who I greatly admire, tweeted the following some hours ago...

After the last record cycle I made a promise to myself that I would not post anymore demos. In light of last night's Presidential result in the US, Stephen's words ring true. So I'm going to briefly post a song that's slated to be recorded in the early new year for the next album. 

For those of you that might be unfamiliar with this process, I should explain off the top that when I demo at home in my office I do so frantically. I get ideas down, some of which do not end up on the final versions of songs, and some parts that I ensure are interpreted a little differently by those people that I play and work with to ensure that a broader perspective isn't overlooked. 

Another aspect is that I'm not one to sit around and attempt to perfect the fidelity of a demo. I don't master them, equalize them, none of it. I write, I get what I'm after, and I move on. For me - and call this a byproduct of my age - the studio is where I focus my energies to the fullest. Demos are to me, as they have always been, sketches. 

All of that said, I started writing this song in the summer and it's been reworked 12 different times. The reason? Because I felt I had to ensure I did the lyrics justice. 

Again, this will be taken down in a few hours. I would also like to ask that you not rip it. I simply felt compelled to post a preview given Stephen's tweet.

Hope you caught it. Thanks for listening.