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Listing: MG Rarities

If you're looking to trade, buy, or sell MG rarities or bootlegs, check out the Rarities entry. The following are listed in no particular order.
-mg.org team.

Loser Anthems / wikipedia

Loser Anthems (blue promo / autographed by MGB)
Loser Anthems (blue promo / sealed)
Loser Anthems (autographed by MGB)
Loser Anthems (low production number/sealed)
Loser Anthems (sealed)
Loser Anthems (autographed)


Avalanche On Vinyl / wikipedia

Avalanche vinyl (sealed)
Avalanche vinyl (autographed)
Avalanche vinyl


Black Market Surgery Promo Booklet

Black Market Surgery (promo / autographed)
Black Market Surgery (promo)

Lo-Fi B-Sides / wikipedia

Lo-Fi B-Sides (autographed by MGB w/Geoff Lloyd)
Lo-Fi B-Sides (sealed)
Lo-Fi B-Sides (autographed by MGB)
Lo-Fi B-Sides (autographed)


Vancouver On Vinyl / wikipedia

Vancouver vinyl (sealed)
Vancouver vinyl (autographed)
Vancouver vinyl 


Arrows Of Desire Limited Vinyl / wikipedia

Arrows Of Desire white limited vinyl (sealed)
Arrows Of Desire white limited vinyl (autographed)